GoodSync Error in My Cloud

Can someone help me to find out the solution of the below error

SRPDRIVE:/# sh ./
Verifying archive integrity… All good.
Uncompressing GoodServer for Unix/Linux version 100%

GoodSync for Linux armv5_marvell Setup

System information:
Comcerto 2000 EVM – Linux 3.2.26 #1 SMP Thu Jul 9 11:14:15 PDT 2015 wd-2.4-rel armv7l unknown unknown

Check binary compatibility

Binary compatibility OK

Installation directory [/usr/bin]: /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync
Server resource directory [/DataVolume/shares/GoodSync]: /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync

  • Stopping existing instances of GsServer…
    [ ok ing gs-server:gs-server already stopped.

  • Copying binaries to /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync…

  • Copying resources to /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync…

Do you want to run GoodSync Connect Setup [y/n]? y

GoodSync Connect User ID:

GoodSync Connect Password:

Generate new GoodSync Connect certificate for server [y/n]? n

Enable GsServer Web UI on port 11000 [y/n]? y

Server log directory [/root/.goodsync/server]: /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync

  • Checking log directory…
    gs-server: Profile at /root/.goodsync/server
  • Writing server settings…

Your server is now configured for GoodSync Connect

Do you want to configure GsServer service (run as daemon) [y/n]? y

  • Detecting init flavor…
  • sysvinit or other init detected

System User ID (run daemon as) [root]: root

  • Checking log directory…
  • Copying server configuration files to /etc/goodsync-server/.goodsync/server…
  • Preparing simple run script
  • Preparing init script…
  • Installing system service…
    System start/stop links for /etc/init.d/goodsync-server already exist.
  • Starting GsServer service…
    Daemon return 2. Free lock and pid files
    ** failed!**

So at the end as you can see Daemon return 2. Free lock and pid files and then it got failed. Can anyone help me out for the installation of GoodSync server in WD MYCLOUD.

Did you download Goodsync from this location?

Yes I download GoodSync from the same location.

Same problem here… Anyone knows how to solve the issue?

If you have a single disk MyCloud running firmware 2.XXXXX you need the following from GoodSync (on GoodSyncs download page for WD Nas at the bottom). It works perfectly.

  1. Login to NAS via SSH

  2. Remove any previous installer files:
    rm ~/goodsync*.run

  3. Download specific installer for this model:
    curl -L --output

  4. Run the installer:
    chmod +x ./

  5. Point web browser on your desktop PC/Mac to
    http://:11000 to complete installation

  6. If at some point you reboot your NAS, GoodSync Server won’t be up automatically, use this command to start it (via SSH):
    /mnt/HD/HD_a2/goodsync/scripts/ start

Sorry but doesn’t work. I’m running v04.05.00-342. I still couldn’t solve the issue.

Sorry Tebane,
My solution will only work with the MyCloud single bay using firmware 2.XXXX etc. As you are on 04.05XXXx as I understand it your MyCloud must be an older (mk1 ?) device. The later units run v02 firmware and work with the software I advised.
I think the hardware is very different internally, although the units look identical.

It’s different software. I bought my unit in 2014. Nevertheless, thanks for your help! I will continue trying things.

Hi @tebane, did you end up working out how to install GoodSync on your MyCloud? I’m having problems activating it at port 11000.

Nope, and I give up. I’ll try to start over when I get my patience back.

Fix here GoodSync My Cloud single bay v04.05.00-342

Thanks for this @zeusmos. Not sure if it was the new file or I just got the install folder right or my admin username, but it worked for me!