GoodSync for MyCloudEx2Ultra - info & troublshooting (+ google drive)


I’v recently purchased a MyCloud Ex2Ultra and I’m pretty happy about it.
I need to have many of the files on the NAS synced to a Google Drive account and some time spent on google pointed me toward GoodSync as a possible solution.
Since we’re talking about 4TB of data to be uploaded I’d love not to have my laptop sit there for a week doing nothing but syncing files. Only have Mac machines (running Mojave), no Windows computer available at home.

With that premises:
1) What’s the best solution to backup or even better sync NAS and Google Drive?
Tried “backup and sync” software from google installed on my Mac but it allows to sync only pictures and videos from the NAS and I have mostly documents. Is there a workaround for that? Couldn’t find anything interesting but if there’s an easy solution I’d be happy to have my laptop running until it finished.
The best solution I could find on google was using GoodSync sw since it can be installed on the NAS.

2) Assuming GoodSync is the best option (see above), how exactly is supposed to work? Let me explain.
Once the Goodsync app was correctly installed on the NAS via MyCloud→Apps I registered a GoodSync account and activated it. I thought that it would have been possible to create jobs directly from the apps but I can’t figure it out. The only way to access the app is through MyCloud→Apps→GoodSync→Configure and there’s not a “new job” option.
Is it meant to be working this way? Should I create a job on the Mac version of GoodSync and then import it on the NAS? I really can’t understand. Found this old article ([APP] GoodSync for WD My Cloud. Backup and file synchronization) but I’m not sure is up to date and it’s too technical for me.

Thank you in advance
Have a nice day