Try out GoodSync for WD

Hello My Cloud NAS users,

GoodSync, the award-winning automated synchronization software provider, has been working on a new customized software for WD My Cloud NAS.

As part of our dedicated My Cloud NAS community, we would like to invite you to try the beta software before it is officially released.

  • To download the software for Windows, please visit here
  • To download the software for Mac, please visit here

For more information on how to set your device up with the Beta version of GoodSync for WD:

GoodSync for WD installation guides:

If you have any additional questions, please visit: GoodSync Support Page


WD & GoodSync Product Team

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So, can I ask whether, now that this is being pushed as the WD Sync replacement:

  1. Will all support for WD Sync end, in time making it unusable?
  2. Can we request features to GoodSync WD free version, such as enabling one job to span more than one drive/partition? I can do easily with WD Sync, but not with GoodSync.
  3. Will other sync alternatives be suggested or is GoodSync now official WD software?
  4. Will other WD My Cloud software be replaced with other third party alternatives, i.e. are WD getting out of the business of providing software to support their nas drives?

tried it… and HATE it!!!
today, out of the blue, wdsync stopped working. Tried everything i could think and came across the fact that you aren’t supporting it anymore. We use this for our business and rely heavily upon it. Especially now due to the circumstances of having to work remotely.

I tried to add each directories for our business just as we have been using in WDsync for years. Well… can’t do that. you must have a subscription in order to have MORE THAN ONE JOB! In order to make this work the way we need, we would have to restructure our entire library. This is insane!

The only way to reconcile this, is to provide us with the same level of support that WD sync had at minimum. This is an awful move.

Western Digital, you have screwed us by doing this. This is a major downgrade of service and you will no longer have our business as a company unless this issue is resolved.


Same problem here. Some days ago my sync failed. Today I looked into it just to find out that the Sync client is out of service now.
How can you disable the main function of a NAS device: Backup and Sync of folders. WD Sync never was perfect but it worked for me. Now you have to pay for a subscription of a bad software just to get the basic NAS function back. I will try to install a nextcloud server on my WD ext2 ultra today maybe this will help.
Now I can not recommend any WD product anymore as they screw up software support.

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Sounds like everyone has been installing the Trial Version of GoodSync instead of the “GoodSync for WD” version which is the Free Version for WD My Cloud NAS. So let me help:

  1. Go to and get the “GoodSync for WD” free version. It says, TRIAL at the top but if your scroll down it says “Good Sync Free”. Both buttons use the same version of Software which should download with “WD” in the executable name.


  1. After installation, you should have this version for Windows or macOS IE: Platform WD


  1. Now you will need to update the GoodSync 3rd party app for your multi-bay My Cloud. Single bay my Clouds do not support 3rd party apps.


  1. Once you have all the versions aligned, “Good Sync for WD” free version should be ready to go.

GoodSync Free and Premium for WD My Cloud

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I’ve downloaded version for WD users like You suggest above. After installation I still have TRIAL, not FREE version:


Check out Carbonite and Gs Richcopy360, both have a good license policy and work excellent

Good Sync for WD does only offer one job for free.

GoodSync for WD

I can’t believe this is really Westenr Digital’s offering and recommend switching to a decent current NAS manufacturer like Synology. There are sync tools like Synology Drive included, which can replace Dropbox, Onedrive or other cloud solutions.
I can recommend this without reservation.
I hope Western Digital comes to their senses about the Good Sync, otherwise I see no future for me and the WD MyCloud.

I just want to add to the thread that I switched to a Synology DS220, which comes with the free Synology Drive desktop client (and app for mobile). Synology Drive behaves as I have come to expect from a true cloud solution of its own, like Dropbox, Onedrive, etc. Unfortunately, I am not paid by Synology, but I would like to recommend the device to everyone who wants to have a real own cloud solution in their four walls. Without rooting or any additional installations via SSH. Just plug it in and follow the instructions to install apps/clients, done.

Thanks for the update feedback !!
I have many WD NAS units and two DS920+ units and love playing with the latest hardware.

For non-cloud local use WD is a bit easier for new users - the other systems do have a LOT more options if you need it

at one time the WD cloud/nas units were 1/2 the cost of the other big 3

I need to start moving away from Acronis - and Goodsync ( free or paid) is my next option
(well Super duper and carbon copy cloner are a MUST on the OTHER systems I support )

You can still keep using WD SmartWare even on OS5. Simple, free and don’t have to change anything