GoodSync My Cloud single bay v04.05.00-342

The previous installer was broken.

follow the below steps

  1. Login to NAS via SSH
  2. Remove any previous installer files

rm ~/goodsync*.run

  1. Download latest installer:

curl -L --output

  1. Run the installer

sh ./

  1. During installation, answer the following
Do you want to run GoodSync Connect Setup [y/n]? y

Generate new GoodSync Connect certificate for server [y/n]? y

Enable GsServer Web UI on port 11000 [y/n]? y

!! Important, don’t miss this:

Server log directory [/var/log/goodsync-server]: /DataVolume/GoodSync

Do you want to configure GsServer service (run as daemon) [y/n]? y

!! Important, don’t miss this:

System User ID (run daemon as) [root]: admin

  1. IMPORTANT: When configuring your sync job, pick a folder inside /DataVolume/shares/Public or inside any other EXISTING share under /DataVolume/shares/

if you get the below error, then you need to remove the profile and retry
FAILED: writing private key Cannot open file ‘y/gs-server-2020-0906-195339.key’ for write: No such file or directory (error 2)
ERROR: failed to generate/install new certificate

rm -f ~/.goodsync/server/settings.tix

sh ./
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