Yamaha av reciever and mycloud

both my wdmycloud and Yamaha rx v577 receiver are wired on my network fine .the problem is my Yamaha receiver can’t see the mycloud in order to play my films I was just wondering if anyone had similar problem and if so have they managed to sort it I have posted this on the Yamaha site also in order to cover all areas
any help greatly appreciatted

From what the Yamaha RX V577 Owners Manual appears to indicate one can only play back music from a DLNA media server (like the Townky media server embedded in the My Cloud). It doesn’t appear that video (or as you called it “films”) file playback is possible.

See Playing back music stored on media servers (PC/DLNA), starting on page 60, of the receiver’s owners manual for more information on how to properly configure the receiver for DLNA sever access and playback of music files through the receiver.

“films” is what English speakers call “movies”, Bennor…

I can’t see any mention of video file decoding, either; it looks like video is a pass through only function, and it only does processing, effects and amplification of audio. That’s why it has an audio codec able to play streamed audio.

your exactly right,found it on my manuel disc after you pointed out the page number.proves skim reading doesn’t work!!!
looks like tv will need updating to talk to wd my cloud server in order to watch films and home videos
thanks for your help
now how to convince wife we need a internet ready tv
thanks again

If you have a computer on that network then look at installing Serviio. It will provide all that connectivity that you need to your WDMyCloud; video, music and photos.


If one doesn’t want to update or replace their TV there are other options to stream content from the WD My Cloud to one’s TV. They include devices like Roku, AppleTV, AndroidTV (or Fire Stick). Even an old PC with an HDMI or VGA port can be used as a media streamer.

Discussion of alternatives to integrated ‘smart TV’ to add ‘smart’ functions to a ‘dumb’ TV:

Not a specific recommendation, but discussing the idea of a cheap media box.