WD Mycloud home 6tb Vs. Yamaha RN602 and android devices

I just purchased a Mycloud Home 6tb network drive and I am going insane trying to get my Yamaha RN602 network receiver to be able to access the drive and browse through the content. I tried to set up a server (tonky, bubble etc) but I am failing. I hate to admit but my IT skills are rather limited, so I am pleading for help. Maybe someone can guide me through this process, cause I can’t imagine that those devices cannot work together.

thanks in advance

@maciejkrysiak Have you visited the Learning Center and looked at the information for a My Cloud Home?

Yes, I looked through it. Where specifically should I look?

A thing I am starting to realize, after reading a bunch of posts is that the only way for a network receiver to see the files on MC Home is to enable the DLNA server via the Plex app. Can someone confirm this?

Check this out for more information on Plex. I don’t know if there is another app that would work with it.