Windows 7 Device Driver

Windows 7 64 bit OS

The EX2 is accessible and working fine.  However, looking in the Device Manager the NAS is under Other Devices and identified as ‘2-Bay Personal Cloud Storage’, with the typical “!” icon, and device status of no drivers.

I’ve installed the WD software for the Ex2 and can access it with the app or via the web interface.  I can’t find drivers anywhere to download.


hi there,

First of all, there aren’t any drivers to download because you don’t need any drivers.

I think you can ignore the warning from Device Manager, because this NAS can be accessed without any need of aditional software, you just have to look on the network for the IP or name or via iSCSI.

do you have the NAS connected directly to your PC or is it pluged into your router ?

That’s what I suspected.  I have it on the router and its working great.  Not being one to not fix issues I thought i’d install the driver even though I couldn’t see why it might be needed.  But if there is no driver there is no driver!