Windows 7 needs to install driver software for you "2-Bay Personal Cloud Storage"


I’ve had my WD My Cloud EX2 installed for few months now, but in the last week my laptop, has started displaying this message in the properties of my “My cloud EX2”…
Driver of this device are “not installed (code 28)”. When I click on the driver, i’m unable to update the driver.

I’ve tried clicking “Locate and Install driver software” but it finds nothing.

I am running Windows 7 x64

Why do I get this and how do I resolve it?
Is there any window driver for my NAS ?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot


@ALAIN_RISBOURG1 You may want to post this topic in the sub-forum for your device.

Yes indeed. Thks,
…Even though I guess that it’s device independent but MS Windows related…i’ve seen it for Windows Vista and MyCloud…