Ultra on Win7: not shown in network and "2-bay NAS" drivers missing

The NAS is working, but I’m not finding it very friendly. The only way I can access it is by mapping a drive, remembering what IP I assigned, or by using the WD Access utility.

It is not shown as a Network device in Explorer unless I open a window using one of the IP or WD Access. Once the window is closed it is removed from the Network listing.

Looking in the device manager, a “2-Bay NAS” is listed as a problem with no driver installed.

Part of this was issue was raised here over a year ago WDMyCloudEX2 in Windows Explorer Issue

I’m mostly concerned with the driver. Perhaps it is the the cause of the slow speed.

Trying to copy files from a USB drive that was attached (using Explorer, not using Backup) gave performance that was very slow, 2 MB /sec., but I know part of that is due to a 100MB switch and then a wireless connection, but still, that is way below what I would expect.

The NAS has been set to a fixed IP, and it has gone through a 40-second reset.

Set up your NAS’ IP as DHCP and then have you router assign it static IP.
As far as mapping the drive the only thing you need to do is to check the box to “Reconnect at logon”.
NAS drives do not require any drivers.

Windows 7 does think that NSA drives require a driver or it wouldn’t list it as an issue in the Device Manager. When DM starts it opens the folder “Other devices”. In that, the NAS device icon has a yellow exclamation point, which indicates a problem.

I don’t want to do mapping to a drive letter, I want it to show up in Explorer as the Network resource that it is. I did the mapping as a work-around. It seems I need to add a drive letter for every Share, which seems cumbersome.

I mentioned in the OP that it was already set to a static IP just so people wouldn’t suggest that as a fix. It seems to be a starting point for a lot of solutions, so I figured I would get it out the way that it was already done.