Why WD RMA has been sent to an outsourced Indian call centre?

Can you guys explain why WD RMA has been sent to an outsourced Indian call centre?

I have spent 5 days now to setup an Advance RMA.

I keep being told the system is down, the RMA has been escalated, and here I am with two Red 6TBs still with bad sectors.

I preferred the previous call centre reps or escalation team.

Hi @rebel_wd

I moved your post into a new thread because it was not related to the specific error that users were running into with that thread.

I’m at home at the moment (It’s Saturday) but let me know if you are still having trouble getting your RMA processed on Monday and I’ll have someone look into it then. Have you tried creating the RMA yourself online? If so, what error does it give you?


I called in last week on Sunday. I was told I was requesting a Prime replacement, which meant replacing my drives with new drives.

This was occuring since my recent purchase from Amazon came with two drives both showing bad sectors. The purchase was just under three weeks but Amazon is out of stock and won’t replace them.

Tech support is advising me that a prime replacement can only be processed with an advance RMA.

Every time I call in to provide my credit card information, there is another issue.

On Thursday of last week, they advised me they had escalated the matter to the RMA team. I’m not sure why nothing had taken place since the Sunday.

My array has been down since Sunday and now looks like will be on hold for a few more days.

I just found the old call center much more thorough and responsive, hence my venting in the first post.

Any chance of an update on this matter?

Hi @rebel_wd - I forwarded your information to one of the technical support managers and asked them to look into your issues with creating Advanced RMAs. I will let you know once they get back to me.

Hi @rebel_wd

It looks like your issue has already been escalated and someone is looking into it.

I had to RMA my Velociraptor Duo drives. It’s been 6 days and they keep telling me to wait.

I’ve been told the Velociraptors are no longer being made and they need an approval to process an advance RMA.

I’m still trying to get a hold of Jim.

Every time I call into customer support they keep telling me to wait 1-2 days for a call back from Level 2.

Or they’ll promise a manager will call me back in an hour and never do.

I’m still waiting on someone to call me back for my case from Dec 21st.

Everytime I call into customer support, I am told the case will be escalated and followed up in 24 - 48 hours.

Hello @rebel_wd,

I have spoke to the WD support team and you incident has been escalated and is being handled by the support management team.

Jim has tried reaching out to you by phone several times and has not been able to reach you. At this point the WD support contact center is no longer able to assist you further so you will need to reach out to Jim directly. You should have his contact information in the multiple messages he has left. If you do not have his contact information feel free to PM me and I can provide you his info.

I am locking this thread as this is not an avenue for this type of complaint and there is no further productive assistance we can provide.