Poor support experience and RMA challenges!

I recently submitted RMA for my WD velociraptor drive and decided to drop down to the selected OTC center what I choose during my RMA process on 23rd June-2016

When I visited the OTC center “Aditya Telecom “They straightaway told me that they have resigned from the WD RMA process and won’t be processing any further RMA’s.

Hence, I decided to call the WD support
“ 1800-11-8005 “

When I explain them this situation it was itself shocking for them as they weren’t aware that one of their OTC centers has resigned from their process. Hence, I was told by my support team they will follow-up with me on this case soon. I did got call later but due to bad reception I had to disconnect, so I call them back again and was told by support agent “Salman “that team will follow with you on Monday (But Monday has already gone past the business hours) and I haven’t received any call from the team.

I’m disappointed that WD didn’t take any communication measure to inform their customers Not to visit the selected OTC center as they won’t process your RMA, your whole traveling could go waste.

Any other OTC center in my state are way far for me, and if I ship my drive then I have to bear the charges on my own.

I hope WD staff look into this and help me out.

Hi DharmikM,

Please check your private message.