Disappointed with RPM

I’m Disappointed with RMA.
I had already used the RMA once and received a HDD and only then did I send the failed disk.
This time I had to send ahead and the next day they received.
In status it appears as sent but has no Tracking number or when I will receive.
Bad service, I’ve never had problems with competition brands but with WD Black is already the second in 4 years.
This is normal?

Hello KodiakShadows,

Please contact our WD support team with your RMA number, you can find our contact number in the below link:

Thanks for your reply.

Phone numbers are wrong to call from the UK. They received my HDD and did not send another one for replacement. The worst support service I’ve ever seen in my life, to remember the companies set up to steal the customer.
I hope someone gives me more concrete information about this subject
Thank You!

Many days have passed and I have received nothing to this day. I tried to contact the support and the numbers are wrong. I feel like I’ve been cheated / stolen .