WD Customer Service has to be one of the worst I've dealt with

From giving me the run around, omitting details from results, to trying to tell me what I want to hear, this has to be the worst tech support I have ever experienced. The staff is not trained, its very obvious. The ones that know the system accused me and my bank of being the problem.

I was lied to about how much an Advance RMA was and I demanded a refund, 5 days later and my money won’t be given back to me still. The RMA has been cancelled yet my bank has notified me that the transaction is still “pending” and this company has never reached out to them to rectify the cause. This is an awful company

Hey WIlsonWilson1,

We have escalated your issue and someone will contact you soon.

I have an RMA number for this case, not sure if I should share that on forums though. If you need it I’d be more than happy to share it

Went through something similar last year where they sent me the wrong model on an advanced RMA. Realized very quickly that trying to remedy the situation with the outsourced tech support people they have was futile.Cancelled my credit card, sold off the low end unit they tried to pawn off on me and moved on. Tried to give them a second chance this year but couldn’t even do the advanced RMA due to the zero value error on the website (see the other thread in this forum).

Needless to say, you aren’t alone in your hassles trying to deal with warranty issues. Good luck.

Still trying after more than a week to get someone to help me with why I can’t backup my EX2100 to a My Book 8TB (worked fine with a 3TB My Book). They opened a case and then closed it without providing any help.