Anyone else's Advance RMAs not going through?

I have been using the WD RMA portal with my personal card to create replacement orders for my defective drives with no problems. But the last few days have been a mess. I am constantly getting an error that states,

“There was a system error while processing your request. Please try again in a few minutes. If necessary, you may also contact our support team for assistance.”

I have NEVER had this issue before! Is it a technical glitch for just me or is the system down?

Dude, just look at the bunch of most recent posts literally at the top of this forum. Everyone is complaining about the same thing. Even when you call WD to do it for you, they get the same error. They are as confused as we are, but we can put 2 & 2 together.

WD has an announcements section, but doesn’t find it worthy of announcing a 5+ day & counting blockage preventing their customers from submitting warranty replacement orders. Why?

Meanwhile, they closed their american warehouse in Kentucky, & now outsourcing it to the mexican border, where they are stealing everyones packages, & people are getting fake tracking numbers & fake shipment alerts.

They realize they messed up moving to this horrible calexico warehouse.