NOT at all impressed with my ADVANCED RMA

Am so disappointed by WD level of customer service to the point it is shocking!

I filed my advanced RMA over 7 days ago now and i am still awaiting my replacement WD My Passport Essential SE 1 TB Metallic Red Portable Hard Drive

I am now told it is out of stock! So the status of my advanced RMA as not changed from "RMA being processed 1 " even after 7 full days.

What hope is there if WD are out of stock of a product that they manufacture? Amazon have them in stock! So i have told them this can NOT be allowed to continue. If WD are truly out of stock, then they should themselves buy a Passport Essential off Amazon and have this sent next day delivery to me. But i doubt they will do that. That is too much of a resolution for WD to meet.

In the meantime, i am lost without my drive and am bitterly disappointed by the extremely poor level of service served up by WD. I thought with them being a worldwide recognised manufacturer their customer service would be good, HOW WRONG WAS I.

Not going to use WD ever again if this is the sort of service they give to their customers. Nor will i recommend WD to anyone. Will buy next time from a competitor, hopefully one that does provide a decent level of customer service and support. Something that WD does not have a clue about.

An extremely disappointed WD customer (ex)

We are looking into this.