White flashing light after electricity outage

Hi All,

I am facing a critical issue with my WD My Cloud Home 4TB and seeking your support and guidance. Recently the electricity went out in my home and when it came back the device is offline. On the front panel the LED is blinking white fast. I tired to remove the power from the device and connect it back again. Now it has been more than 48 hours with the light still blinking the same and the device is offline and I am unable to connect to it.

Here is a video of the blinking: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z6IPzshBITiNDkXkxLpXf1Br31Le1Uij/view?usp=drive_link

Is my device dead? did I lose my data? is there any hope??

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Here is a similar situation and a reply from WD support:

Nobody here knows the state of your My Cloud Home but you. Nobody here knows whether

  • Age and state of the My Cloud Home (MCH)
  • Amount of data storage used
  • Condition of the hard disk
  • Location of your MCH and its access to WD servers
  • State of your network and router after power outage

that can all affect the connection and the recovery of your data.

You should try to download the debug_logs.zip from your My Cloud Home. It can sometimes be downloaded even if the white LED is flashing.

Try to file a support ticket with WD Tech support.

Check your access to the WD server and its status which is also dependent on your location.

Hi i am having the sam issue, slow blinking white light i can access files using the local connect but its in a state of “read only” i am unable to write files or edit files and folders.

Access on ios app, sometimes saying update in progress other times it will let me read only files

Access on local will let me see files always but read only

Access on web again read only and sometimes no connection.