Help with blinking white light after power outage

I accidentally cut the power yesterday to my device, now all I’m getting is a blinking white light. I tried a re-set with the power on and then tried powering off and re-setting, no change. When I log in to My Cloud it says it can’t connect as the device may be offline. Any suggestions to get it up and running again would be appreciated.


My Cloud is running a full file system check if the LED is white and blinking.
Performing a reset or power off and on will just start the process over again.


Wait and allow the file system check process to complete

Thanks for that info, since I re-set yesterday and left it overnight and all day today the blinking light has changed to yellow. Does that indicate something different?
Also I received a reply from support who have requested my file log, I can’t send that as my dashboard can’t find the device.

Tried re-connecting the network cable and all is working correctly now, thanks for the earlier help.