Blinking White Light every 10-11 Seconds; No Access

Hey guys,

Hoping you can help me figure out what’s going on with my drive. As recently as 30 minutes ago the drive was accessible and working. We had a short power outage and when I went to access the drive it was no longer accessible in Windows.

I figured it was a matter of restarting the computer and/or restarting the router, but when that didn’t work, I went and checked on the drive itself. I noticed that there is no solid light and only a white light that momentarily blinks/flashes every 10-11 seconds. I do not hear the drive spinning or doing anything.

Does anyone know what this means for the drive and/or what I can do to get it going again?

Thank you!

As a troubleshooting step, power down the My Cloud. Then power down the network router. Wait a few minutes, then power on the router and wait for it to fully boot up. Then power on the My Cloud. Sometimes the My Cloud can take a while to boot up because it may be rescanning the files on the internal hard drive.

@steveskg How long did you give the My Cloud to start back up? If it has not turned blue after several minutes then unplug it, wait a minute, then plug it back in.

You must have a 1st generation My Cloud with Firmware 04.xx.xx. See the User Manual, LEDs.

If the device lost power then the file systems need to be fsck’d. This can take fair amount of time.
When the system reboots it checks the filesystems. If necessary then they are fsck’d.

Thanks all for the input. It turned out to be much more benign. The power strip it was plugged into wasn’t turned on; when the power goes out you have to press the button to turn it back on. It’s up and running now. Thank you!

So if the power was off, where was the occasional blinking light coming from? That’s the mystery! :slight_smile: