Where's the 9 digit code?

Just download the latest software (WD Discovery), which I’ve now installed on my laptop. It’s
for my WD My Cloud 2TB drive.
In the sign up process I’m asked for a 9 digit code, which is not at the bottom of this drive.
So far I’ve read in the forums.

But what now?
How do I add it to WD Discovery?
Where do I get the old software, if I can’t add it to the new?
Should I just throw out the old hard drive and purchase a new (God save the planet)?

Please advice, thank you :slight_smile:


My Clouds don’t have a 9 Digit Code … only the My Cloud Home does.

I have a WD My Cloud 2TB and have NEVER been prompted for a 9 Digit Code for anything.

More reading here: Where is my 9 digit device code.

@jakobjoergensen Visit the Learning Center to learn more about WD Products and what you have, along with links to the User Manuals.



Cannot Find 9 Digit Code for My Cloud Setup

The 9 digit activation code cannot be found on, is not required and is not needed for the following WD Products:

  • My Passport, My Book, WD Elements, EasyStore, Gaming Drive
  • My Passport Wireless, Pro, SSD
  • My Book Live, My Book Live Duo
  • My Cloud, Mirror, Mirror Gen2, EX2, EX2 Ultra, EX4, EX2100/4100, DL2100/4100, PR2100/PR4100

I think i solved the problem because i had the same one :slight_smile:

After reset WD MY CLOUD EX2 ULTRA i had cloud access option OFF (down right corner on a picture)