What's your best sustainable transfer / throughput speed?

I am unable to see any transfer above 25MBs on full gigabit Windows based clients going from share to share. (even internal drive to internal drive) (from 1 volume to another.)  All drives are JBOD.

Client to share I am maxing about 40MBs

That is ridiculous compared to gigabit specs, and its low for even reviews I have seen.  Any suggestions?

I have made static IP & set link speed manually to 1000.

What have you been able to get and did you do anything else configuration wise to the unit?

Just a quick test of copying a BD Rip from one share to “Public,” I’m getting about 16 MBytes/second, and the Samba threads (two of them, of course) were pegging the CPU to about 80% while the software RAID process was about 20%.

I’m config’d with RAID5, so all 4 disks are thrashing like mad when doing that, trying to do a large simultaneous read and write :slight_smile:

Doing Share-to-Client, I’m getting about 60MBytes / second.

With a box like this, you have to make sure you’re comparing similar setups. If you’re doing RAID, and they’re doing JBOD, the numbers will be quite different.

Another example: Copying from Volume_1 to Volume_2 that reside on different disks will (usually) be faster than copying from / to different shares on the same volume.

I understand the Ex4 supports SMB2.  

The new version of MacOS supports SMB2 and legacy AFP.  There is a bug in Apple’s implementation of SMB2 I revert to AFP for now.  ( please o please apple fix this ) 

On your *NIX or  Wintel are you running SMB1 or 2 when you say “samba” ?

I use the free BlackMagic Design Disk speedtest for my Mac.

Does anybody know a good low cost of free disk speed tool to test from Windows8?

I’d like to try to use Windows8 to test to see if SMB2 ( switch enabled in EX4 ) offers me any benefit from my Windows side.  

Currently a  bug in MacOS version of SMB2 is forcing me back to AFP  of SMB1/CIFS protocol.  

in Windows8 single Gigabit connection Jumbo Frames turned off

Using Windows Powershell to force SMB1 off and SMB2 enabled in EX4

EX4 in RAID 5

Doing Share-to-Client, I’m getting about 50MBytes / second. ( Read ) 

Doing Client-to-Share, Im getting about 27MBytes / second. ( Write ) 

TonyPh12345 are you using Jumbo Frames?

sgallant04 wrote:


TonyPh12345 are you using Jumbo Frames?

Absolutely not.  Search the web and you’ll find lots of my rants against the use of Jumbo Frames.  :smileyvery-happy:

Trying to transfer large files from an older my book that is still working, but shutting down sometime, to a new My Cloud.

Is there a faster way to do this other than through the cloud. I have both connexted to a D-Link Gig switch. I’ve transfered pictures and music over just fine because of them being small files. But, BD movies that are 8 to 12 Gig big take so long

and I have about a Terabit of data to transfer over.

Tony, I updated my initial description, to answer some of your questions.  Yes, JBOD, yes im going from volume to volume.  im only seeing in the 20-15MBs.

Client to share, is same config, but again only seeing 30-40MBs and your seeing 60MBs

I dont recal if RAID 5 is performance, but dont recall of hanfd that it was.  So to your point of adding no raid, and volume to volume, I should be beating 60MBs, but am lower.  Any other tweaks you have going on?

Should I have SMB2 on?

I do have SMB2 enabled, but I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

SMB2 scales MTU anways… instead of fixed size. 

Looks as if Win8 ( besides sucking! ) supports SMB1 & SMB2&SMB3 (2&3 in same stack)

Which workstation and network configurations do you use Tony? 

I am using Win7 on my primary desktop.

My kid’s PC is Win8, which is why I enabled SMB2 on the EX4.  That PC is using the EX4 as its File History backup.

My network consists of a NAS network that’s all attached via GigE to a NetGear GS108Tv2 switch.

All of my PCs (Win 7, Win 8, and Linux) are connected to a different GS108Tv2, which is then uplinked to the NAS GS108Tv2 switch.

Im transfering large media files (from 0,5 to around 8GB in size) from the computer to one disk on my EX4. WD Red 4TB. Its in JBOD. Im only getting around 10-25MB/s. The network is Gigabit.

Should it be like this?

are you transferring data from a usb connected disk to the ex4 or from the internal computer disk to ex4?

what kind

 of speeds do you see when transferring similar files from your source disk to one of the internal disk on the computer?

Im moving the data från internal disk on the PC to the ex4.

When Im copying from ex4 to the internal och the PC I get around 45-50MB/s.

I get similar 15-20MB from my usb3 hdd to the mycloud share.

From the same usb3 hdd I can transfer at 100MBs to my Synology DS413.

Any ideas?

not spectacular. around 40MBs from Win7. hope a firmware update fixes this