My Cloud EX2 Ultra slow transfer speeds macOS Big Sur

Hi all, I have recently purchased a My Cloud EX2 Ultra and put a 12TB WD Red drive inside it. The second hard drive bay is empty.

The NAS is connected via Cat6 to my router, and so is my MacBook Pro.

I am attempting to transfer around 5TB of files to the NAS, however it is being painfully slow.
Using BlackMagic, I am getting a transfer speed of 90mbps on a gigabit connection.

I have been reading about SMB and AFP with regards to MacOS but don’t fully understand.

Are there any settings I should tweak to get a faster transfer speed?

Thank you!!!

just so we are on the same page you get 90 MB/s ?

looking at the device activity chart in settings 130 seems to be the max

Plus if WD indexing is still going on it may be slow

If this is a one time big load of data to your NAS you could try putting data on a external USB disk and then connect that disk drive to the NAS and direct copy to a share
I had to set my M1 Mac Mini Big SUR to AFP to use timemachine on OS5
But I have not tried on a intel mac on Big Sur

I have other WD NAS but they are still OS3 but Timemachine backups are slow anyway and speed is not a problem.

Sorry for the late reply!
Yes 90MB/s on a 5TB file dump which took around 17 hours.
I was expecting gigabit speeds like 250 mb/s instead.
AFP on my intel Mac gives me even slower speeds of around 8mb/s!