Networktransferspeed very slow after Update FW 1.04.04

i use the WD My Cliund EX2 with two 3GB HD with Raid 1 Level.

Since the last update the transferspeed over Networkcable is very slow. Download maximum 12 MB/sek and Upload 8MB/sec.

Befor the Update the Speed was > 60MB/sec

Please fix it!

At the Moment i will send the NAS back to my vendor and by a NAS from an other Firm.

I hope u can help me.!!!

I have testing all HD and the Test are OK.

Hello, when you write that the uploads are very slow, is this when using the WDMyCloud app or Windows explorer? If you disable Twonky media server, does the device still appear to be slow?

I have requested for the Support in your region to contact you.

Thank you.

I have set all other Network Features, how FTP, DLNA, and all others, off.

I hope the Support Contact me!


I am new to the forum and after watching some great videos on YouTube about the WD EX2, I went an bought the 4TB model yesterday with great excitement.

It is plugged into my Apple Airport Extreme (that has 10/100/1000 LAN) which my iMac is also plugged into. When I set up the EX2, I updated the firmware first, before continuing with the settings, shares and users, etc.

I used Black Magic Design Speed Test and I am getting a R/W of around 40 Mbps. Yet everyone else (review sites, youtube and other owners) seem to report a 60-70 Mbps speed. Am I doing something wrong or missing something? I also read that some people have been reporting the slower transfer/read/write speed since the FW update.

Since I am none the wiser to compare and as this is a brand new purchase, I don’t know what else to do but to reach out for help, otherwise would I have to assume that my EX2 is faulty?

Also is it normal for it to be audible to the ear? I can hear the grain ticks when it is reading and writing, which is probably normal but I would have thought it was quiter than it is.

Thank you kindly, I still love WD :smiley: