Download and upload speed

I am considering the WD My Cloud EX4, but I’ve seen many posts about the slow transfer speed.  I attribute most of those to some other bottle neck in the system.   I am wondering if one connects a computer via a LAN connection to this and the LAN is not limiting, how fast can data be streamed to this device?  Lets assume that it is configured in RAID 5 and that the hard drives are the standard 3 TB models sold today.  How fast can data be transferred from the device as well (uploaded?) .

If the interface is a Gigabit ethernet, I assume then the rate could be as high as 125 Megabytes per second.  That would be great.  Is that speed attainable?

I run Gigabit on a seperate switch between my Imac & my EX4 in Raid 5 Jumbo Frames off Ipv4 & v6 on. LACP on both my Imac & EX4 I get about 25/27 MB/s read write.  I suspect the slowdown is due to slow parity generating on EX4 in RAID 5. 

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Thank you, your number are about the best I’d expect then.

I get exactly the same results as posted above. However, I do notice that the network activity chart on the EX4 main page shows higher rates than what I’m seeing from Windows Explorer for the same transfer. Either way - it is fast enough for me. I transfer large files and they seem to move along nicely.