Data transfer speed very slow on network storage WD EX4100

i am attached WD network storage drive and configure it Rad 5 but when i copying data system to network storage device data speed is very slow. how to resolve? any one help me?

Same issue data transfer speed is to slow, frustrating

Same here I have gigabit network hardwired and max speed I get from my MacBook Pro to theWD MyCloud is 3-4 MB/s or 34 MBps which is just 0.03 of what the network is capable of. I have a seagate Personal Cloud which achieves 800-900 MBps so it is not the network that is causing the problem. Also when I ping the WD and Seagate the respons time is about the same. However reading and writing to the WD is painfully slow. Mac OS Time-machine cancels the backup every time as it times out during connecting or writing to the WD.

So would be really interested to learn what this could be.

Same here. I bought this NAS to replace a Buffalo Linkstation that wa failing. I was able to back up the 2tb of data on the linkstaion to an external USB drive in around 8 hours. I’m now transfering that drive to the EX4100 configured as raid 5. After 30 hours it’s about 1/2 done. Why so slow?

I am seeing the same problem.
I have the EX4100 connected to the same switch as the PC that is sending files to the NAS. The transfer rate is consistently below 100 kilobytes/second (even 10-20kBps), with occasional bursts above 1 mb/second.

Is anyone from WD monitoring this thread? This is not good.

Thanks in advance for helping us troubleshoot this problem.