Welcome to MyCloud Page Doesn't Load

Trying to set up MyCloud for a client. We get the “Welcome to MyCloud” email which contains a link to “Create password.”

When we click on that link, it takes us to a “https://files.mycloud.com…” link and we get the blue MyCloud banner across the top of the page, however the rest of the page does not load.

Tried it on two different computers and a phone… nada.

Any help appreciated!

Couple of suggestions. Copy the link from the email that has the link for creating a MyCloud.com account and past it into the web browser. Try a different web browser if possible. Some browser add-ons may affect accessing the MyCloud.com web portal, temporarily disable all add-on’s. Some computer security/malware/antivirus software may similarly block proper access to the MyCloud.com site. Temporarily disable those programs and see if the issue persists.

In some cases one’s business may block access to the MyCloud.com and similar sites that allow for offsite access of one’s network attached stroage device (or one’s home network).

Thanks for the ideas… unfortunately, no luck…

Tried it on both a Linux and Win10 computer, tried it on Chrome and Firefox (even tried Microsoft Edge), made sure I disabled all Chrome extensions. Copied and pasted the link. Same thing… just a dead web page with a banner at the top.

Tried it on my home network, had my coworker try it on his also… same thing. We don’t block any outgoing traffic. And my Linux machine has no anti-virus at all.

I am having the same problem in setting up new users.
The email link displays a blank screen with mycloud banner but doesnt allow the user to create a password.
i checked with chrome and firefox and micrsoft edge (it knidly tells me microsoft edge is not supported).

firmware updates all up to date, restarted the device - so proper shut down and rebuild.

Any further suggestions as IMHO this looks like the mycloud website issue not one at my end. Happy to be told where i am going wrong though :slight_smile:

This problem went away for me. We were trying to have the user forward us the “create password” email for testing purposes, and I think that had something to do with it.

The system is working normally for us now. Not sure what changed. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.