WDMyCloudEX2 Cannot Access File Explorer in Windows 10

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10 (Upgrade being an increasingly subjective term.) I’ve been having trouble accessing the files on my WDMyCloudEX2.

Recently I’ve found that my usual method of navigating to “Network” and just double clicking on the device name is no longer working and instead just navigates me to the Login Page.

I’ve had this happen in the past and usually I could left click on the device and select Open and get to my files and folders as per usual. Now left clicking on the device only gives me the options “View Device Webpage,” “Create Shortcut”, and “Properties.”

I’m running Firmware 2.11.133, which appears to be up to date .
I’ve pressed the reset button on the device.
I’ve run the setup software from http://setup.wd2go.com/?mod=product&device=mcp2
I’ve even tried the good ol’ “Turn it off and on again” troubleshooting step for my PC and the EX2

It’s worth noting that I can access the File Explorer through the Run Command, or by navigating directly to Network>>XXX.XXX.X.XXW and while this may treat the symptom, it unfortunately doesn’t solve the problem.

I should also note that I have a Windows 7 Laptop, a Windows 8 SurfacePro and another Windows 7 Desktop all of which can access the file explorer directly from the Network menu as originally desired.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @Dante_Christensen

do you have a small icon showing the EX2 in it or do you have a generic icon for the My Cloud?
It happens sometimes that the My Cloud are not recognized well and you need to do a trick to get the icon back.

  1. Open your Device Manager.
  2. Check, if your EX2 appears under “Western Digital” at the bottom of the list
  3. If not, your EX2 should be found in “Generic Media Server”
  4. if so, rightclick there and “Update driver…:” but
  5. choose manual update and
  6. select the “Western Digital My Cloud EX2” from the list of installed drivers

Then the small icon with the EX2 will reappear and you will also see much more content in the right-click option, the top option is “Open” instead of “View device Webpage”.

I’m having this same problem, but I don’t see either “Western Digital” nor “Generic Media Server” in the Device Manager.

I am having trouble getting Windows 10 to discover my EX2 also. Same symptoms as in Dante’s post.

I went to the Device Manager… Selected the “Container” option under view… Found the MyCloudEX2Ultra driver.

I right clicked to update. It said I already had the latest.

When I right click the icon in File Explorer Networks it does not show an “Open” option. It only has the 3 listed by Dante_Christensen.in his Mar '16 post.

Is there a better driver on the WD support site?