WD TV Media Player cannot see MyCloud after OS5 upgrade

I have several 2014 WD TV Media Player (WD TV 2nd Gen) model WDBYMN0000NBK-HESN that I have used for years to watch mp4 video files from several MyCloud firmware 2.41.116. After I upgraded one of the MyCloud to firmware 5.18.117 my WD TV Medial Player cannot see the OS5 MyCloud. It still sees all the older firmware MyClouds. My Roku media player, Roku TV, and Samsung TV can see both old and new MyClouds. Any idea why the WD TV Media Player can no longer see the MyCloud that I upgraded to OS5? Did WD TV Media Player require SMB1 ? Or something incompatible with Twonky 8.5.2-20210413 from OS5 MyCloud Apps? This stops dead my firmware upgrades because I have many old TV’s each with a WD TV Media Player to watch movies and photos from several MyClouds.


Most updates (for pretty much anything) … ditched SMB1 because the Security Issues inherent in a 30 year old protocol.

WD TV Media Players were long discontinued before the security issues were found and thus never received any firmware updates to fix it.

Almost all devices now devices now use SMB2 or SMB3

Go into the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network > Windows Services and change the SMB Protocol option to include SMB1v.

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I had eliminated SMB 1 a long time ago on my network. I verified none of my MyCloud drives are using SMB 1. As a test, I enabled SMB 1 on the upgraded OS5 MyCloud and I still could not see the upgraded OS5 MyCloud from the WD TV Media Player when I went to the WD My Cloud app and chose Select Content Source. Only the old non-OS5 cloud drives showed in the list.

On my WD TV Media Player, I have always used the WD My Cloud app to play music, photos, and video. When starting the app, the first thing you must select from is Music, Photos, or Video.

I fixed this on the WD TV Media Player by going in Services / Movies & TV / Videos app / Select Content Source / Media Server. Both the old and newly upgraded OS5 Cloud drives appeared. I then tried the Photo, Music, and Files apps, and under Select Source Content / Media Server all apps showed both the old and upgraded OS5 Cloud drives.

The difference seems to be that when you Select Content Source from the Videos, Photos, Music, and Files apps, you have to then select between “Local Storage, Media Server, Network Share, Online Services” and then you see a list of cloud drives. In contrast, when you Select Content Source from the WD My Cloud app there is no option to select between “Local Storage, Media Server, Network Share, Online Services”. It just displays the list of the Cloud drives and only the older v2 firmware cloud drives appear in the list, and the upgraded OS5 cloud drive does not appear. I suspect when I select Media Servers it uses protocol DLNA to find both old and upgraded OS5 cloud drives, but the WD My Cloud app must be using some other type of protocol to discover and display the list of cloud drives that is not compatible with the upgraded OS5 cloud drives. Maybe it is trying to logon to the drives using a saved logon id and password (I was forced to change to a more complex password when I did the OS5 firmware upgrade). Or maybe it does some network scan discovery and doesn’t think the OS5 cloud drive is a WD My Cloud drive because it does not respond the same way as the older firmware. I had always thought the Videos, Photos, Music, and Files apps were just shortcuts into the WD MyCloud App so you could skip past that first prompt when the WD My Cloud app makes you select Videos, Photos, and Music - but it appears they are very different apps.

Bottom line is that if I upgrade any more MyCloud drives to OS5, I need to stop using the WD MyCloud app and instead use the Videos, Photos, Music, Files apps on my WD TV Media Player.

Very frustrating that WD introduces new My Cloud firmware that is not compatible with their own (albeit old) WD media players. I own 6 WD TV Media Players and 7 WD Cloud Drives and 2 WD DL4100 drives and both recommended and sold hundreds of WD devices to my clients so I have been a very faithful WD customer.

But after this OS5 firmware debacle, and the problems I had adding a fourth drive into my DL4100’s that forced me to reload 20 TB of data onto each, and the Intel chip problem that bricked one of my DL4100’s, and the sudden loss of network connectivity that bricked one of MyCloud’s, I am losing faith in WD quality and support. It seems like they don’t have a test lab with various devices where they can test various use cases before releasing new software. Very basic IT concepts they are ignoring. Maybe all their experienced engineers are gone or their managers demand they rush out changes without adequate testing.