WDMyCloud DLNA : missing files for videos and pictures categories

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Firstly, I don’t know if i post in the right category. I have a problem with my WdMyCloud storage but I don’t know what OS5 is. If someone knows a better category, just let me know.

Here is the problem: I try to access and list the media files available for sharing on my WdMyCloud storage.
The server is available but files are missing. Some music files are available but nothing is shown in the videos and pictures categories.

I launched a rescan and now it’s rebuilding but it takes a lot of time and I don’t know how to see the progress (to be sure that the process is not stuck and that is scans the right folders).

Can someone help me on this topic ?

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Access the My Cloud Dashboard and look at the Firmware field, what numbers does it show? That will tell you if its OS5 (v5.x firmware) or OS3 (v2x, v4.x, v3.x firmware).

My Cloud OS 5: Access the AdminUI Dashboard

If one has the Twonky Media Server (DLNA server) installed to their OS5 Apps page then see the following WD Knowledge Base Article on Twonky.

My Cloud OS 5: Twonky Server Configuration and Settings

One may have to instruct Twonky to rescan for media content. If that doesn’t work one may have to delete the Twonky media server database and have it rebuilt. Instructions on how to do both are in the above WD Knowledge Base link. This assumes one has Share folders listed in the Twonky settings Shared Folders section so they can be scanned by Twonky.

Hi Bennor, thank you for your reply.

v04.04.05-101. Is it OS3 then ? Should I upgrade ?

V04.04.05-101 firmware means you have a first generation single bay My Cloud. The first generation single bay My Cloud cannot be updated to v2.x firmware which is required for one to update to v5.x firmware.

There is a dedicated subforum for OS3 singel bay My Cloud units:

The v04.04.05-101 firmware is a number of years out of date. There have been seven updated firmware versions released since then for the first gen single bay My Cloud. The last /latest firmware for the first gen single bay My Cloud is 04.06.00-111 (4/15/2022). One can download the latest version either manually from the WD Support website (link at top of page) or by using the firmware update option in the My Cloud Dashboard.

My Cloud: Auto Update Firmware

For OS3 My Cloud Twonky support WD has the following Knowledge Base articles.

My Cloud OS 3: Twonky DLNA Media Server Support

My Cloud OS 3: Rebuilding Twonky DLNA Media Server Database

Ensure each Share entry in the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares tab, that has media you want to stream, has Media Serving enabled so that Twonky will properly scan the Share for supported media content.

I don’t understand. When I click on the arrow to update the firmware, it is saying that my firmware is up to date :

I have also another question : My goal is to make the content of Public folder accessible to my smart tv (philips 37PFL3507H/12). I copy myself the wanted files in its subfolders (shared music, shared videos & shared pictures). If I use twonky server, does that mean that files will be copied there (or merely indexed) ? if it’s a copy, that means that i will need the double of storage space ?

You can download the latest v4.x firmware file using the Support link at top of page. Then you can use that firmware to manually update the My Cloud. The My Cloud: Auto Update Firmware link above has instructions on how to manually update the firmware on a single bay My Cloud.

The Twonky Media Server will index the files in any Share that has Media Serving enabled for it in the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares section. Twonky will typically only index Supported File Types. See the My Cloud OS 3: Twonky DLNA Media Server Support link above for the Supported File Types.

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Hi Bennor and thank you. I’ve updated the firmware and now, the scan process seems to find other files (video and pictures also) but it seems to get stuck also after a little while. Is there a way to see the progress of scanning process and building of database ?

EDIT: actually, it’s not stuck, it’s just extremely slow. I can see changes in the status page of twonky server :

I have the feeling it will take several days (weeks ?) to complete. Is it normal ?

It shouldn’t be taking this long. You don have a Netgear router by any chance, do you?

How long the scan takes depends on the amount of files it has to scan through. If you have a lot of media files it can take some time. The first gen single bay My Cloud’s hardware and RAM are on the low end so certain processes like media scanning can take some time.

In addition to the Twonky administration page (http://wdmycloud:9000/) possibly showing the scan status, the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Media page may also possibly show the scanning status.

No. I do not have a Netgear router.

I have the router of my isp

Hi again Bennor.

Now, it seems that the scan was complete (now it’s still scanning but the files are there).
However, the access to this files using my smart tv is extremely slow and my tv even got stuck, i had to unplug and replug it to go on).

I have a new problem though. After upgrading my firmware, i cannot access to the shares from windows explorer (using \\ip_address\share name). How can I solve that problem ?

EDIT: this does not work under windows 8.1 but works under windows 10.

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Check that the IP address you are using is correct for the My Cloud. Generally it is recommended one set or reserve an IP address for the My Cloud within the network router or gateway’s DHCP server. Check your router’s GUI administration page for the option to set or reserve an IP address for a network client, then set one for the My Cloud. That will usually prevent the IP address of the My Cloud from changing when it is rebooted.

This is done.
I’ve also upgraded my pc to windows 10.
Now it works (i can map network drive and access to the shares from windows explorer)

There is still this problem of slowness when accessing to the shared media (the townky server) with my smart tv. But I suppose we can do nothing to improve that ?

If other devices (DLNA clients) do not exhibit the slowness the TV does then review how the TV is connecting to the local network (either by WiFi or wired Ethernet). Use wired Ethernet is possible and make a direct connection to the same router/gateway or switch the My Cloud is connected to. Ensure the router/gatwway or switch is gigabit capable. Also review the TV’s settings to see what protocol or options (SMB, NSF or DLNA) it uses to access the local network media. One may have to test the various options to find the best one. Also ensure your TV’s operating system and apps are up to date.

I have no other dlna cliuent at the moment

the tv is connected by wired ethernet to the same gigabit switch the wd mycloud is.

There is no option

I’ve upgraded the software of the smart tv. It’s still slow, maybe a little less.

Well, I think there isn’t much more I can do to improve it at the moment.

Thank you very much Bennor !

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Netgear removed DLNA support from its router firmware a couple of years ago. It shouldn’t affect your setup but these things can get sticky sometimes.