My Cloud - OS5 Not doing what previous version would

I upgraded my My Cloud to firmware 5.17.107

Before upgrade I could access My Cloud Public via my smart TV which would run slide shows of my photos stored on My Cloud. Now the TV can’t use My Cloud in the same way.

Initially I could not even access My Cloud from the TV. Then I discovered that by changing My Cloud SMB Protocol to include SMB1 I could access the files in files in Public and view them by clicking through them. I have experimented with various settings via My Cloud dashboard but with no slide show option.

Music and videos play OK but I have to click on the files on My Cloud

My Cloud OS 5 android app works fine for me. Better than the previous version.

PC is W10. TV can do slide shows etc as always. I can also access files on My Cloud no problem, both Public and the other sections.

Perhaps there is a setting I am missing somewhere?

@grecian17 Since you posted under My Cloud Home, is this what you are talking about?

My Cloud Home and ibi software beta program - My Cloud OS 5 Personal & Network Attached Storage / Announcements - WD Community

Thanks for that suggestion. I’ve registered for the software beta program.