WD TV Live Product Firmware Update - Version 1.01.17


The new firmware update for WDTV Live is now available at   http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/updates/?family=wdfwdtv_live

  • Nik

Well my wd hd live updated but i still have these probs.

1 . I cant login to my youtube account , it will reset the player.

2 . Im not able to see .srt subtitles that came with remuxed movies.

Pls someone have a fix for this ?

I updated my box yesterday, but I’m still facing the same known problem with ‘Network drops every approx 4 minutes’.

I’m really thinking about sending it back.



sometimes it could be your network problems. i have mine connected with a buffalo drive, no probs.

maybe u need to go to your naz settings to allow wdtv live to access.

What is going on? Ive had my live from the first month it came out and been having youtube a/c problems. This update firmware did not fix that! why u update without the youtube fix???


maybe you take a look at the post ‘Network drops every approx 4 minutes’. 

I try to connect my WD LIVE with TRENDnet TEW-644UB wlan adapter to directories on my HP-Laptop.

If it would be easy …



when will we get the true next firmware ?

The new firmware update did nothing good, youtube login keep crashing and rebooting the device and problems with mp4 files with audio, out of sync or does not play at all !! i have the wdtv 1 gen to and i have no problem with this one, so with the wdtv live device i’m a bit sad i expected more !!!

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I’ve just bought this product and have been testing it today.    As I’ve read on other posts, there seems to be a problem for SRT subtitle files to be detected when you’re playing from a NAS server on the LAN.  Even after updating to latest version 1.01.17 this is still an issue.   When will this be fixed ??

I’m having a problem with .srt subtitles - same problem i had with WTDV HD (not the Live version).

I have to try several subtitles (.srt) for a movie untill i find one working although on my PC all subtitles are being read under VLC Lan Player.

Do you need an example? Should i attach 2 subtitles - one working and one not working?


Im able to play any file with subtitles with no ptoblem using this version. From a NAS, remote computer, or any USB memory. It sems that the system looks for the subs file on the same folder as the video file is, and with the same name as the video file.

I just copied all the subtitle files in the same folder as the movie is and works.

well , if u play file with external subtitle and with the same name it shows the sub in the video , this is just when u use HDD of flash stick , but using network shares of media server it’s not possible

What NAS server are you using ?  Any special settings you applied ?  I have a ReadyNAS + from Netgear and it doesn’t show the .SRT subtitle files when browsing the folders at all.

How about DVD menu support? Will this be added sometime soon? I just bought this unit and I am a little disappointed because of this.