WD TV Live, version 1.01.24, Firmware Update

New firmware update for the WD TV Live, version 1.01.24, is now available at http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/updates/?family=wdfwdtv_live


can anyone confirm if this fixes the audio sync issue with mp4’s?

thanks in advance

HOLY FREAKING BOGUS LIST OF updates…  YOUTUBE ■■■■?  Is that really the priority here??

good news guys , the mp4 sound sync is fixed after forwarding and revising , I’ve got to try more to check on the others

Edit: I don’t know why they didn’t mention bug fixes in the release notes

Edit2: bad news , they fixed mp4 files that unsynced when REV/FF but they didn’t fix the ones that gets unsynced while playing like sound going off and video still runs quickly

You have to be kidding a 28MB file all for You Tube ■■■■!! What about all the other issues that have been rasied for months, like dropping the network connection about 10 minutes in to watching a file through network shares?

2 Firmware updates over the last 2 months, 1 to improve the firmware update process and the next to inhance our viewing of You Tube. 2 topics I have seen so many people complain about! Get it right or give up guys. LISTEN to the people that have bought the **bleep** product!

real bs. you know i have purchased 3 media players and have told other people who have purchased them.  for the first time i am upset about the whole youtube issue with content not to be played on on tv enabled devices.  i want to downgrade back to previous where i could watch these so called protected videos.  someone please tell me how to downgrade before i just go out and try to use the custom firmware floating around.  thanks in advance

This new firmware improves watching video’s from YouTube.

Suggestions for improvement of the next update:

  • After opening make it possible to walk through options in stead of first opening favorites, then opening videos and then 

   opening playlists. I have only playlists on YouTube and no favorites or video’s so I get the message ‘No content available’.

  • Showing the playlists in alphabetic order will improve searching for a certain list.

  • Clicking on a playlist should play all content of the playlist after each other in stead of notification that the file is 

   unavailable. Then it would be the same as media on a network drive or on your computer.

Thank you for the youTube fixes. I have updated my device but not yet checked the new features. These features will be very useful to us as we watch lot of  youTube content. My daughter would love this. (not to type searches again and again)

I play content from “my book” attached to WDTV live. I had no problems in transferring photos/videos from my computer to “my book” visible on the network. I did not see any problems even when I transferred 100s of photos and lots of short videos. I never tried to play content that resides directly on my computer’s hard drive. So I do not know about network share problems.

Firmware updated very smoothly, more so than the 0.11 and 0.17 updates (thanks to the 0.17 update I guess).

YouTube changes are nice and make browsing a little easier.  

Fixing the YouTube login crash issue is a BIG plus, since I had a lot of favourites and no desire to recreate them in a new account; my old account works great now.

All the MP4 files I’ve tested seem to exhibit little (as in: acceptable) or no audio sync delay.  This is when connected digitally (HDMI + Optical).   This is a major improvement and not documented anywhere!  I guess because, as others have reported, the issue with video speeding up is not yet resolved?

FF/RW seems to be a little more ‘solid’ and responsive now.

Overall, I’m a lot happier with the unit now, despite YouTube not really being top on my list of priorities.  :)

I’ll second that.    Despite the negative posts, there was a lot of traffic around the YouTube issues, and .24 seems to resolve them, and offers a better user interface.

Solves my problems.


I’m sure the YouTube fixes are wonderful but is there any indication that there will be an update to actually address some of the real problems with this device? I like many use this device to watch media content in HD on my television. If I want to view poor quality video on my TV I’m dig my VCR out of the closet, or I can now watch YouTube I suppose. It is indeed a nice feature but it is the equivalent of a mechanic replacing my air freshener when I brought my car in for engine repair. Yeah the car smells nice now but it still runs poorly. Come on WDTV guys you’re losing me here, I’ll give you until March and then I’m moving onto one of your competitors. You won’t have to bother with fixing your devices problems by then because no one is going to buy it. Harsh but true…

Network share dropping in every 5-10 minutes ? Try to modify your windows

Administrative Tools / Services /  Network DDE     --> to automatic 

Administrative Tools / Services /  Network DSDM   --> to automatic

then start Network DDE or boot your machine

This should do the trick, At least I had the same problem but now mine is working OK

I hope this will solve your problem


Laihis wrote:

Network share dropping in every 5-10 minutes ? Try to modify your windows

Administrative Tools / Services /  Network DDE     --> to automatic 

Administrative Tools / Services /  Network DSDM   --> to automatic

then start Network DDE or boot your machine


This should do the trick, At least I had the same problem but now mine is working OK

I hope this will solve your problem



Sorry to tell you, BUT its not that easy. I’ve spent 4 weeks of testing. Just read my posts if you are really interested. Thanks to ptricks for explaining a lot.

Bottom line you have local master browser LMB issue and router compatibilty.



I agree with above. I also had some issues, but sorted them out basically by careful ordering of machines that are switched on. Being a bit careful seems to solve problem as one machine is always LMB

Has anyone else got 404 errors when trying to download the firmware? I can’t load http://download.wdc.com/wdtv/wdtvlive_1_01_24.zip

Edit: Nevermind. It came back as soon as I posted :dizzy_face:

I’ll repeat-post and concur with westtexas.  The YouTube issues were disappointing to a lot of us, and .24 not only fixes them but offers a much nicer interface.  It may be “experimenter bias effect” but the UI overall seems a little quicker, too.  This is an incremental step in the right direction and reassures me that WD is not going to “orphan” this device just yet.

For what it is and how much it costs, the WDTV Live is actually quite an amazing little thing and is a welcome addition to my entertainment equipment.


the new stuff and the mods they have done for youtube are real nice. Signing in with my youtube accout is easy and works! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile: Looking forward for the next big update. It’s always a pleasure!

No network connection problems here… :slight_smile:

Was on .11, was holding off upgrading, finally did it this time.  No probs with the upgrade, Utube thing works now, not that I really care, but now ALOT of my HD WMV files wont play, and some HD AVI’s also.  They ALL played fine last night :frowning:

For what its worth… wmv files codes is WMV3 and the avi’s are mpeg4 divx5

Anyone else??

Gonna downgrade later tonight

I bought the WDTV Live a month ago.  I understand why so many are having problems.  But I can assure you, it has absolutely nothing to do with the WDTV Live unit.  Problems like with network shares, so many are having problems with this when really it comes down to understanding networking and how router firewall walls work and folder/file permissions among your USERS within Windows.   The network share problem and any other network problem is so easy to resolve.  And other problems like A/V sync, movies ending after a few minutes, not seeing all the shares, mkv problems, and on and on it goes. But I am here to tell you I have the same media player as all the rest of you have and I don’t have one single of these problems.  I ran into the same issues as you guys but i reolved them within seconds.  Why?  Because i know alot about setting up networks.  My point of this gloating is I didn’t go to university to learn this stuff.  I taught myself by reading /trial/error over the years.  So when I encounter what you folks are encountering as hair pulling problems, I know right away what is causing the problem and why and its fixed in seconds.  I can tell you almost every single issue i have seen folks talking about has absolutely nothing to do with the media player.

So, again my 2 points are, WDTV LIVE works perfectly and flawlessly.  It does everything it advertised it could do and then some.  This is one very powerful little box that exceeds my expectations.

My second point is, do enough reading  (not only this forum). Doing trial and error problem solving with this media unit you will be slapping yourself when you realize how easy all these issues are to resolve.  Having said that, i can’t just explain solutions to people. This is one great media box that will teach you all you need to know almost about your OS and networking. I am one of those that needs to be at your terminal or on the phone to resolve it with the person having the problem.

Also, forget customer service at WDTV for networking support.  I tried out 3 different techs over there just to see if they were any good or not. As best as they do to try to help you, they don’t know very much.  They know alittle, but nowhere near the knowledge they need to help you with getting your network share problem solved.  Which btw, I’ll say it again, it is a really easy problem to work out no matter how bad/ or old your hardware is or how screwed up your OS is or whether you have anti virus or not.  I’ll leave you with those thoughts.  Enjoy your box, it works perfectly.  Improvements are only bonuses to what this box was advertised it can do.

P.S.  No, I don’t work for these guys. I just held my tongue for too long over a product that has no issues to speak of and whatever issues blamed on WDTV Live when you find the problem to whatever your issues are, you’ll see everytime it isn’t the box that was the problem.


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of course this is released the day I get the 120GB PS3 Slim, and put my WDTV Live up on eBay.

oh well, PS3 is working like a champ with all my media files, and I can still play pandora through the browser.