WD Smartware stops backing up


WD Smartware, (dumb ware) stops backing up and I have to keep clicking the Backup button for C, D and E drives for it to continue backing up. I uninstalled WD Smartware and reinstalled the latest version and it keeps doing this and not completing a backup. Why is this stupid software not backing up all the files at a time on continuous backup???


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Are you using file backup mode or category backup mode? For multiple volumes, file backup is recommended.

One more dissatisfied customer.  New MyPassport 2TB, new install SmartWare 2.4.10.  Win 7 Pro, want to backup files (drive D:, just as a test) to shrunk NTFS partition (MyPassport drive E: ).  Selected files and did Apply Changes.  Result ? Continuous backup - nothing.  Schedule + Backup now - nothing.  Reboot - nothing.  Schedule + wait till 5:00 rolls around - nothing. 

At least the drive seems to work, did some Windows System Image backup of my C: drive, did some file copies, VHD attach, all fine.

I assume the software is working for other people, because there are not a lot of complaints …

So whats the solution?
How come i just bought wd ex2 and the backup is still stoping it now 2017 ?
WHY is this still an issue, why is the supprot so useless?