WD SmartWare keeps on copying files


Backing up my files using WD Smartware has been working well. I have been finding that quite a long time after there are no longer any Files Not Backed Up, the system continues showing “Copying files” and finally stops and places a tick under Data Backed up… However today the backup hasn’t stopped. It is just going on and on. What is wrong here please?


@Brenda1 What message does SmartWare show? See Image below.

Be sure to look at image for more information.


It doesn’t display any message other than that is is “backing up” the files even though it looks as if from checking the backed up files it has done so. But I have no way of knowing this for sure.


@Brenda1 What type of backup do you have it set to do, continuous or scheduled? See image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Here is a link to the User Manual if you don’t have it.

I have a scheduled backup plan for my shares. See image below for the message I get when the backup has completed.


I have it set to ‘continuous’. But previously, when I also had it on that setting, it would indicate when it had finished backing up the specific folders I had ticked for backup. Now it is not doing that. I should add that I am doing the initial backup of documents on my hard drive at the moment.


Yes, that is the message I was getting but no longer.


but now it is working!