Smartware "Copying Files" for SEVERAL DAYS

Everything was seemingly fine. I have 20GB worth of files backed up to a MyCloudMirror using Smartware running on a Windows machine. Then I had the nerve to reboot my server! That was over 2 days ago and ever since Smartware has been “Copying Files.” There is no way for me to tell what it’s actually doing because there aren’t any files or activity listed above the “disable backup” button like there normally is when files are being backed up. However the Windows task manager shows the WD Backup Engine is very active and using lots of cpu and ram.

So, yet again here I am asking to to do with this awful software.

Hello jjd228,

Have you reboot your computer?

Yes, I have rebooting the computer. Seems many people have this issue going
back several years. As usual it’s never fixed and the standard response
from WD is, reinstall the software.

Hello jjd228,

For most of the customer Uninstalling and reinstalling have fixed the issue as well.

You should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support