WD Smartware Pro Backup issues

I’m using a Windows 7 computer64 bit, with 16GB RAM with a 4TB WD Mycloud device.  I have transfered numerous, literally thousands, of files back and forth and have accessed it from my smartphone, my laptop from another city and my friend’s computer at his house.  All seems to be working just fine.  Today I decided to set up the backup feature, so I downloaded WD Smartware and then upgraded to Smartware Pro per the instructions.  I decided that for my purposes the file backup would be best.  I want to backup my photos which I keep on an external drive so using the software I changed it to “file backup”, set my source as my external drive and the folder that holds all my photos.  I set the WD MyCloud drive as the destination drive.  I set the In the backup frequency to continuous.  In the upper left corner of the window it says “Ready to perform file backup”.  I clicked the button in the lower right that says “Enable Backup”.  It took several tries before I could get the backup to start, but it finally did.  That was about 30 minutes ago, now it tells me that it has transferred a whoping 9 files or 13.56 MB.  At this rate to copy my entire file of about 450 GB, it will take approximately 670 DAYS to back up the file.  I’m guessing that something is very very wrong.  I’m hoping someone can tell me how to fix this.  If not this baby is going back in a hurry.  I guestimate that I can ship it back in about 1/100th of the time it takes for it to copy these files at this rate.


Normally, WD Smartware will perform the backup when the computer is not in use to avoid taking the computer resources while you are performing other tasks.

Since your post was created yesterday, are you still experiencing this situation or the backup was accomplish successfully?

Also since you are running a backup over the network, a few things will slow down the backup such as network use and Internet bandwidth.

Are you using the drive on a gigabit network?