Backup Not Completed - Smartware

My backup never completed successfully. I thought it was just slow, but I was gone for a week and still almost all of my source drive is orange and my target is mostly gray - 1.5 TB free on a 2 TB USB drive connected to my 3 TB WD Cloud.

The backup appears to stop before completion. How do you keep it going? At one point, I thought something went wrong and reset/unplugged/replugged the MyCloud drive and the backup resumed, but then stopped again. Is there a better way to resume backup when it quits prior to completion? When I access the Backup tab it defaults to a third (exchange bay) internal drive. I then redirect it to the USB backup drive. Is this a problem? The button at the lower right reads “Disable Backup” which to me would indicate that a backup is progressing, but the “files” number not increasing.

I am connected to the MyCloud with Ethernet from the router (not wi-fi).


I recommend you uninstall and reinstall WD Smartware and then try the backup again.

After reinstall it’s moving again. I won’t know if it stalls for a day or so. If it does, I’ll report back here.

BTW - it appears to be backing up as to a virgin drive. The previous BU was about half complete before the smartware reinstall. On the off-chance that my computer crashes in 30 minutes, is the backed up material still available from the earlier backup, or did the reinstall kill the earlier backup?