WD Smartware doesn't complete backup

I’ve been trying to use WD Smartware to backup my PC to a MyCloud drive. I believe that I initially had WD Quick View installed, then installed WD SmartWare (which also seemed to include WD Quick View), then applied the upgrade.

I’ve selected particular files and directories to upgrade, rather than using file types, and I’m using the continuous backup.

The problem is that it appears to have started backing up files, and then stopped after a few gigabytes. Even if I review the files not yet backed up and select to try again, nothing happens.

I’ll note that the backup tab always reports that it is copying files.

Also, if I check for updates, it always reports that is available for upgrade.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Right now I’m planning to uninstall all of the WD software and re-install just the latest WD Smartware, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to see if there are any suggestions put forward.

Hello there,

Make sure that the files that still pending for backup are not open while running the WD Smartware.

What type of files are not being backed up?