WD SmartWare won't complete the backup

Ok - so admittedly I haven’t been checking up on my backups, but I am now and something bizarre is happening.

I have a 3TB volume on my PC of video files that I am backing up to the EX4 with SmartWare.  Everything looks ok, but there is ~400GB of files that are not getting backed up - basically starting in September, it just stopped. Anything new after that is just sitting there.  When I look at it,it says “Pending Backup” - but no reason why it won’t back up.  I try restarting the back up, no luck.

Everything is up to day, dashboard shows everything healthy. Backups from other volumes are working fine…  


Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Smartware?

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Ok, color me sceptical, but I didn’t think that would work… but it did :slight_smile: