Smartware pro stops backing up 1/2 way to completion

Have Smartware Pro 2.4.6 with latest firware applied to a MyCloud EX4

I can do a complete manual back up  (cut and paste) of 356 gig in 5-6 hours (162,489 files)  where it take weeks to backup using the WD Smartware Pro software and only gets to 104,xxx files and 116.59 or so gig then the brakes go on.  There are numerous files (426) files (114.35 gig) in the "Files not backed up) category I called tech support and the tech had no clue.

I can repeat this problem 100% of the time.


What you want to look at are, Data For Backup and Data Backed Up. Make sure they are changing. Files not backed up are those waiting to be backed up.

When the backup has completed look for the following, see image below, Backup accomplished successfully. When it has finished there should not be any files showing as Files not backed up.

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cat0w (USA)

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The problem is that once it gets to a certain point, ie about 161,xxx gig backed up, Data for backup and data backed up numbers don’t move for over 2 weeks.

as we speak, I am reformating my drives and will reinstall the Smartware Pro software and try again

I have an Intel GB network card in my PC and a GB switch, of which both the PC and EX4 are plugged into

I NEVER for the past few months have seen the backup accomplished successfully message.

I tried complete backups and continuous backups and the appear to halt at about the same place.  The files not backed up are large 200MB - 2GB in size.

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OK, reformatted the drives to start fresh.   Did a backup or one directort with about 300meg and it actually finished.  Now I will try a full backup.


Hi Joe. Did you get it to work? i am trying to backup to dropbox and nothing moving with the network so unresponsive on other machines while it is doing nothing. Thanks.