Not backing up new files

I have deleted the WDSmartware.swstor folder on my Passport Ultra in order to re-start my backups, and Smartware seems to have successfully completed an initial backup. However, although I have set it to do continuous backups, it is now not backing up new files as they are created. Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks.

I am also having this problem, but I have not deleted the WDSmartware folder.

Would appreciate help

Hi guys, what Smartware version do you have installed? 

I also have this problem

My Smartware Pro Version is 2.4.2

Windows 7 64Bit  IE 11

I am using WD Smartware version 2.4.2 with Windows XP Service Pack 3.

i think all of us will face this issue

it happen with new smartware version 2.4.2

when i use the old one, the backup function is working perfectly

after update to 2.4.2

the backup function is not working

when we setup a backup folder and finish the very first backup, the backup function is not working

when theres a new file, the new file will not transfered or backed up to wd

in the backup tab on smartware app, ‘copying file’ status on top left corner is never ending, because the hdd is not working on anything

Use smartware version 2.2.0

that’s a stable version, all function work properly

I am having the same problem. I am running Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) Home Premium on a Toshiba lap top. It is like my back up is frozen until I do a complete uninstall/re-install of the the WD Smartware (version 2.4.10) which then automatically does a complete back up. This takes hours and is a big pain in the butt.  New files(not indiviudal documents)  will show up on the Passport under Retrieve but when I go to the next step in the process. The only way I can retrieve these files is to do a manual back up and switch to file back up and not continuous. Any Ideas??? 

Me also I have this problem
when I add new file to Dropbox its NOT back up to Target
it is same no DATA UPDATE