WD Passport Help - Not backing up right!

Hey guys,  I have chosen the setting of category backup and was under the impression that if I were to save a new document to my desktop, WD Passport would find it automatically and back it up.  Am I wrong in thinking this? Is there a way to have my WD Passport continually search my PC for not just new versions of already backed up data, but completely new data?

Thank you for your help!

Hello and welcome, 

Yes, by default Smartware does a continuous backup, so every time that you change or create a new file, Smartware will make a backup, just be sure to close the program that is using the file so Smartware can do the backup.  

Thanks Ichigo,

I’ve just tried this again and will close out Microsoft Word (program that I was using) to see if Passport will find it and back it up. I’ll let you know if it works :slight_smile:



For some reason it is still not working.  I search through My Passport for new items that I’ve placed on my Desktop and for some reason they are not being backed up.  Do you know if there is a special set up for this?  I want the Passport to find all new items no matter where it is and add it to the backup.

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi Bretmj1,

Check if the files that are not being backed up are supported. Check the link below.