WD SmartWare displays "Backup partially completed" but does not resume later

I’m running WD SmartWare V2.4.6 on a Windows 7 PC, it’s connected to a WD MyCloud EX2.

I must say that I use the german version of the Program, so that I can only specify the german expressions on buttons and other symbols. I try to translate them, but I surely will not pick the actually used one in some cases.

I configured it using the “Dateisicherung” (File-selection) mode. I did not use the “Sicherungsperiode einstellen” (Backup-Period) button, so that it should automatically save changed files.

After pressing the “Sicherung aktivieren” (activate Backup) button it indeed starts the backup process. However, as some files cannot be backuped (due to “other processes use the file” as displayed in the “Nicht gesicherte Dateien” (non-backuped files) Window), it displays “Sicherung teilweise abgeschlossen” (Backup partially completed) in the upper left corner of the backup-tab.

Up to here everything is as expected. But now the issues start.

  1. I modified files within the selected directory structure. I had to notice, that these changes never got backuped afterwards. (The only way I managed to do it: deactivate the backup and re-activate it. But that is certainly not the way it should be).

  2. When opening the non-saved files Window there is a button “Jetzt erneut versuchen” (Retry now). But when pressing it; I would assume it would immediately re-start the backup process (at least for the failed files), but it doesn’t.

Any explanation for this behavior?

Thanks a lot!

Hi tarand, welcome to the WD Community. How long after you made the changes to the files did you verified if they were backed up? As you mentioned Smartware wont backup the files if they are in use by any other software so it might take a couple of minutes for the backup to complete. 

Hi and thanks for the answer.

I looked at the target folder several times, even after days.

And please note, I changed a file that was NOT listed in the non-saved files window.

Could be related to http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-Software/SmartWare-and-MyCloud-contents-not-in-sync/td-p/832384