Backup Won't Finish

Im using the current version of Western Digital Smartware to backup my computer onto My Passport Ultra however the backup will not finish. at the top left of the backup panel in smartware it says the backup is complete and all the files are copied, there is even a blue checkmark underneith this messege, but at the bottom right it still says “Disable Backup” instead of “enable backup.”

if i click disable backup, or remove my hardrive and reconect it, it says “backup stopped” and the top left and “enable backup” at the bottome right.

if i enable backup it doesnt start a new backup it resumes the already completed backup from before…

this has been going on for 18 hours now, i have restarted my computer multiple times and reinstalled Smartware, with no luck

i even erased my hardrive and started a new backup but the same thing happend, it will not finish.

I have only had the hardrive for a month now, the first time i used it the backup went smoothly, this is only the second time i have tried to use it.

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WD SmartWare will not make/create a new backup as it was designed to hold a single, gradual backup that only adds new/modified files and does not start over. Based on your post it is working as intended unless there are new files in your system what were not added to the SWSTOR folder inside your hard drive.

Interesting, what if i reset my computer to factory settings, then attempt to use my same hardrive to backup my computer after all my files have been erased.

will i lose all my files on my hardrive by performing this backup?