Completly stopping first backup

Hello, I have a problem where I had a few files in a certain folder when I started backing up to my WD passport and now later when I wanted to finish it I have now deleted a few of those files so my WD backup is stuck just trying to copy these files to the drive. Is there any way to clear the “files that has not been backuped” list in order to fix this ? Or how should I go about fixing this problem

MvH Nikolai

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What happens if you select the option to stop the backup process (Backup Tab) and then completely erase the backup folder from the hard drive (SWSTOR)? If this doesn’t work then you may have to re-install WD SmartWare.

Hello, deleting the folder doesn’t help because the list of files that are waiting to be backuped to the drive is still intact, I guess I’ll try re-installing it and post how it goes

Re-installing WD Smartware removed the problem