"WD backup" stops before Bakup is completed

1.- How do I get the rest of the files I wish to Backup, to appear on “WD Backup”?
2.- How do I make the files that I have already Backed up, available to Restore should that be my desire?

Three days elapsed waiting for “WD Backup” software ( 2015 version 1.3.5814 ), ( using a Surface 3 Tablet, wins 10 ); to create a backup of about “200GB of Data Files”, from a “300GB Seagate external HD”, to a “1TB MyPassport Ultra external drive”.

I now see the “WD Backup” program has stopped Backing Up, and there is listed “Last Backup: 6/12/2016", yet on the “Restore Tab”, “Select Files to Restore”, there are No Files shown?

Though, “Win File Explorer” shows in, “My Passport Ultra (G:)”, the file “WD Backup.swstor” file is listed, though as having backed-up only about 90 GB, of the 200 GB of my Data Files.
( Not Backed Up, are about 60GB of ( .jpg ) image files, and non of the 700MB of ( .wmv or .wp3 or PowerPoint or .pdf ) Slide Show files, or any of the 40GB ( .AVI or .WMV or .FLV ) Video files ).

“WD Drive Utilities”, shows “Smart status passed”, and “Quick Drive Test: Passed”.


Try to reinstall the software to see if you can get the backup process to complete, this is really strange. Hope this helps.

Thank you for your reply;

  • Have uninstalled & reinstalled "WD Backup” program ( 2015 version 1.3.5814 ).
  • Restore Screen, still shows NO former Backup Date Listed?
    • Is there a way to “associate” the 90GB “WD Backup.swstor” folder, ( containing the “Volume{10676859-0000-0000-007e-000000000000}” folder of Data Files; (which I can see in wins File Explorer), with the “WD Backup” program?
    • If so, is there a way to continue the 90GB Backup, to include the full 200GB amount of Data Files? (Without attempting another week-long all new Backup attempt, that might or might not work).