Attempting a restore from my passport ultra to new hard drive

my hard drive on my old computer blew up. i have an older wd ‘my passport ultra’ external portable drive. i did a backup right before going on holiday. the files are there i can see them in file explorer. i’m pretty sure i could copy my individual files but i would like to be able to restore everything i had from the last backup i did. when i unlock the drive it says there are no files to restore and invites me to schedule a backup. i am running windows 10. i don’t understand why it doesn’t work as advertised. when i looked online this appears to be the solution:

" Please make sure the WD Backup Setup screen is not closed and Back up Files is not clicked. If the WD Backup Setup screen is closed or Backup Files is started on the new computer, the original computer backups will not be visible in WD Backup.

WD backup restore from another computer must be done during the initial set up wizard. If the WD Backup software is already installed then WD Backup must be uninstalled. When uninstalling please delete the C:\Users[Customer User Account]\AppData\Roaming\Western Digital\WD Backup\ index file.

i’m not sure how to find this file and i’m nervous about deleting any files that might mess with my ability to restore. why is it like this? i should just be able to plug it in and have a restore option to click on. i’ve opened a support ticket but would like to know if anyone else has had this problem.

Hi @katlewis,

Please refer to the mentioned link WD Backup: “These Files Failed to Back Up” Message: WD Backup: "These Files Failed to Back Up" Message

Also, we regret to informed that WD Backup has reached its end of support life cycle.

As an alternate: Acronis True Image for Western Digital can be used.

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

The solution you found online is a bit technical, and it’s understandable that you’re hesitant to delete files. Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide:

  1. Ensure WD Backup Software Is Not Running:

    • Make sure the WD Backup software is not currently running on your computer.
  2. Uninstall WD Backup Software (if already installed):

    • If you have WD Backup software installed, uninstall it.
  3. Locate and Delete the Index File (if applicable):

    • If you’ve uninstalled WD Backup, navigate to "C:\Users[Your User Account]\AppData\Roaming\Western Digital\WD Backup" and check for an “index” file. If it exists, delete it.
  4. Plug in Your My Passport Ultra Drive:

    • Connect your My Passport Ultra external drive to your computer.
  5. Follow the Initial Setup Wizard:

    • If you have uninstalled WD Backup, you may see an initial setup wizard. Follow the wizard to restore your files.
  6. Select Restore Option:

    • During the setup wizard, you should have the option to restore files from your backup.

This approach should help you restore your files without directly deleting any critical files. If you’re still facing issues, it’s advisable to wait for a response to your support ticket or seek assistance from WD customer support for specific guidance related to your device and setup.

Thank you so very much, this is the best response I’ve received.


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@katlewis thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

Thanks for sharing this information.