WD My Passport Essential 500GB

Software writers NEED to get a CLUE.

And if those geeks can’t be trained, then the document writers should be REQUIRED

to write a user’s manual that allows the device to actually be used.

There should either/both be a START button or an advisory that backup IS OCCURRING.

The only clue given is the device active light.

BTW, software version is current:

Yes, I am P.O.'d 

I’m also a retired mainframe programmer with 25 years of experence.

Never mind - I’ll head out a buy a product that not only works, but doesn’t require guessing by the consumer.

Figured it out …

No, I still have no clue if backup is actually occuring.

WD wants me to upgrade to Smartware PRO, for a fee, to have understandable software.

Welcome to the Community.

WD SmartWare Pro only adds additional options like Dropbox backups and using non-WD USB hard drives. It does not change the user interface or appearance.

WD SmartWare (And Pro) will show the backup progress in the Backup tab. In addition to a candybar in the upper-left corner, boxes are colored-coded for progress: (Yellow = Pending, & Blue = Done).

For additional information please refer to the WD SmartWare user manual: