WD Mycloud not recognized

Hi there,

I have bought and installed my new WD Mycloud yesterday. I have set it up online with no problems and can acces the drive online, van acces the drive settings via the IP adres, and I can map the network drive and edit files via file explorer. So it is definitely set up correctly.

However WD Discovery, WD Backup and WD Smartware all don’t discover the device. I’m not sure what goes wrong and have tried all the solutions I could find online. Anybody knows what goes wrong? I have now setup up the windows back up to the mapped network drive but would like to use the WD software.

As another question. I have bought the system to be protected against ransomware attacks. However when my cloud is constantly online that does not work ofcourse. Can i setup the system in such a way that it is not vulnareble against ransomware? Like it goes online only once a week and all my computers then sync or something. Anybody got a special setup for this?



Try checking the Firewall settings on the computer, perhaps there is a software blocking Smartware from trying to access the device.

Regarding ransom ware, as long as your computer has not been infected, you should not worry about the NAS drive, however i would still recommend to be careful with your computer or any other computer that might not be protected on your case.

Hope this helps