Smartware does not see WD MyCloud as a valid drive for Backup

I´m running Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows, smartphones, SmartTV link fine with the NAS drive.
Quick View doe not show menus for the WD MyCloud and just start Smartware.
Although Smartware just shows Dropbox as the only place to backup I can save the Smartware recovery folder to MyCloud.
I´ve the folder Smartware and WDMyCloud mapped in Windows and can access them through my network. However, when I link physically the drive to router the drive appears in Smartware and ask me to log in and Smartware and Quick View work fine.
I´ve the last firmware and had uninstalled, reloaded and re installed several times all the WD Software. I reseted the drive (the 40 seconds reset) and it didn´t worked.
I´m not using a fixed IP adress because some users losted them drives when they did that and i´m not very sure for the correct procedures to do that.
I know that this problem affect a lot of people and I tried some solutions that I saw in forums without success. Thank´s for any help and apologize for my poor English.

Hi, welcome to the community.

For testing purposes I would recommend you to disable the firewall and see if that works. Also make sure that the network profiile is set to “home” and not “Public”, and from “network and sharing center” enable “network discovery”.

Thanks lluna for trying help. I have it done already. By the way, the DNS Client , the SSDP Client and UPnP service are all initiated and set to Automatic. The WD Discovery software, like WD Quick View, they don’t see to the WDCloud. It seems that I can get access to the WDCloud every way except from WD Software.It’s ridicolous.