Cannot see MyCloud as backup target in smartware

Spent a week backing up all my hard drives and now the only thing that shows up in the Home tab as a backup target is Dropbox. Cannot see the drive on the network, in SmartWare or anyware. It has not been mapped to any drives. The version of Smartware is updated to 2.2.0. I am using Windows 7. The Router is a Cisco. It worked for the backup and I am not aware of any changes. I did download windows updates but have not made any changes to the firewall unless that happened during the OS update. The unit itelf is warm and the green light is on on the back and so far makes a pretty good book end on my self. Please help.


Try mapping the drive.

Check this link for instructions.

Mapping a drive letter on a WD Network hard drive using WD Discovery 

Discovery could not find the drive to map it, sorry.

I also updated SmartWare to version 2.2.1, rebooted the drive and the Linksys E4200 router.



I see a similar problem.  Whenever I reboot my PC, SmartWare does not see the My Cloud network drive as a target backup location (only DropBox is available).  I notice that when this happens, the My Cloud drive is not showing up in WD QuickView either.

The only way I can get the drive to show up is to run the My Cloud setup program (mc_windows_setup.exe).  I do not even have to complete the set up process, just start it.  This usually makes the drive show up in QuickView and SmartWare.

Anyone know why this is not automatically happening?

 have the same problem, wish I knew what the solution was.  The WD technical help has been no help at all, they say if a restart doesn’t fix it, then it is likely defective and I can get an RMA.  I have 0% confidence that it is a defective drive, more like defective software I’d wager.  I can see the My Cloud on the network and can access it via My Cloud software, just cannot see it as a backup target on my XP desktop.  Interestingly, it shows up fine as a backup target for WD Smartware on our other desktop computer, which is Windows 7 based.  I wonder if this is an XP sepcific issue?  Also, it used to show up fine as a backup target on the XP computer as well, but something changed (update maybe) which stopped that from working as intended.

I have a similar problem. Running Windows XP. Cannot see the MyCloud as Backup Target. Only Dropbox is visible. Interested in knowing if there is a fix for this.


Same problem here. Anybody find a solution?

I had the same problem…

When I switch off the firewall all the programs can see the drive…